Portable Interpretation Systems

Portable Interpretation Systems are ideal for one-way interpretation (English > Spanish) but do not handle Q&A or interactive meetings well. Systems are capable of tuning into multiple channels for interference free use or where multiple systems are required within one location. Portable Systems are ideal for short informal meetings (Luncheons & Dinners), mobile interpretation (Tours) or wherever compact equipment is required. Our section on Portable Interpretation Systems has additional information.

Portable Interpretation System - Standard

The Standard Portable Interpretation System is the most straight forward and simplest Simultaneous Interpretation System to operate. The system provides a Belt Pack Portable Transmitter & Microphone for the Interpreter and Belt Pack Portable Display Receivers for the participants requiring interpretation. The system requires virtually no setup and is portable, so it can be used virtually anywhere. The system is ideal for tours where the foreign speaking delegates are visiting a facility. It can also be used for one-on-one interpreting for depositions, courtroom use, informal presentations and any situation requiring short, informal, one way interpretation. GEN provides varying technical support options for the Portable Interpretation System

Portable Interpretation System - Extended Portable

The Portable Interpretation System - Extended Portable adds two components to facilitate a smoother event in larger facilities. The system allows the interpreter to concentrate on interpreting by providing a headset microphone and receiver to listen to the speaker. A portable transmitter and lapel microphone is provided for the speaker (presenter) which allows direct communication between the speaker and the interpreter. The balance of the system, from the interpreter to the participants is identical to the Standard System. Any number of Participant Receivers can be used with the system

Portable Interpretation System - Extended Base

The Extended Base system is similar to the Extended Portable System in that it allows for direct, wireless communication between the program audio and the interpreter as well as wireless communication between the interpreter and the participants. The system differs from the Extended Portable System in that it provides a Base Transmitter which replaces the Portable Speakers Transmitter. The base transmitter is connected into the facilities existing PA system which will allow the interpreter to listen to multiple microphones, table mics, Q&A mics and other audio sources including Video, Teleconference, video conference and others. Any number of Participant Receivers can be used with the system.