Portable Tourguide System

Global Equipment Network, Inc. offers Tourguide Communication Equipment suitable for any type of Facility, Factory, Manufacturing Plant, Museum or Walking Tour. The Tourguide Equipment allows for wireless communication between the Tour Operator and the Participants.

The equipment is ideal for use in noisy environments (manufacturing plants), quiet environments (hospitals or libraries), large groups and virtually any type of tour where audibility is required. Tourguide Systems can also be used as a standard Portable Interpretation System.

Tourguide Rental Quotation

Portable Tourguide System

The Portable Tourguide System can be configured to meet your exacting tour requirements. The Tourguide can be fitted with one of several microphone choices. Lapel and Headworn microphones offer hands free use, while a Handheld Microphone offers that traditional Tourguide appeal.

Multiple Group Tourguide System

For larger facility tours where multiple tour will be happening at the same time, Global Equipment Network, Inc. can provide multiple tour systems each on their own channel. Channel Separation insures tours will not interfere with each other. Part of our service includes setting the equipment to compatible channels based on your specific tour requirements.