Wireless FM Conference System

The Wireless FM Conference System provides two-way interpretation for conferences which have mainly presentations into a language with little to moderate Question & Answer Sessions. Due to our advanced audio technology and frequency agile receivers, conferences for two languages or twelve can be handled with relative ease. Contact GEN and let us assist you in choosing the proper system for your event.

A Wireless FM Conference System is used for meetings and conferences where a two or more languages are spoken. The system is designed to provide Simultaneous Interpretation from one language into another and vice versa. The system provides one channel for each language allowing participants to wear their earphone without disruption in their native language audio.

The participants receivers are FM Wireless allowing them to be flexible at events and allowing them to be mobile while still getting the interpreted language. The receivers offer and easy to read LCD Screen informing users of channel, signal strength and battery life. Easy to use buttons allow users to toggle between languages (channels).

Global Equipment Network can provide a Wireless FM Conference System for bilingual meetings to a four (English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish) language international conference (pictured at right). We can also provide equipment for an eleven language international event.

Although a Wireless FM Conference System can be used for virtually any type of meeting setup, they are ideally suited for an Auditorium and Classroom set ups.