Infrared Conference System

The Infrared Conference System provides two-way Simultaneous Interpretation for small and large groups. Due to the technology, IR is the ideal choice for conferences requiring security of the conference proceedings. The IR signal is contained within the conference room allowing multiple systems to be used within a conference facility without signals bleeding into adjacent rooms.

Infrared systems are generally suited for meeting that require security of the proceedings or where multiple conferences are occurring at the same facility. Infrared signals are easily contained within a meeting room. This allows for multiple conferences at the same facility and secure conference proceedings eliminating the chance for eavesdropping.

The participants receivers are Infrared (IR) Wireless allowing them to be flexible at events and allowing them to be mobile while still getting the interpreted language. The receivers offer an easy to use Channel Selector and Volume Control.

Global Equipment Network can provide an Infrared Conference System for bilingual events or conferences up to 12 Languages. Infrared Systems are ideal for events requiring multiple room setups.

Although an IR System can be can be used for virtually any type of meeting setup, they are ideally suited for Auditorium and Classroom set ups. IR Systems are ideal for conferences requiring security of conference proceedings.