School Systems

Learning is easier when students can hear and understand!

Students pay greater attention and retain more when they clearly hear the presentation. Global Equipment Network, Inc. and Listen Technologies offer School Room Communication Systems that enhance student participation and learning. Systems can be individually designed to offer communication solutions for Classroom Amplification, Hard of Hearing Students, or any other difficult Listening Situation.

The Systems are simple to use. The teacher wears a Portable Transmitter and Microphone while students wear a Portable Receiver Receivers have a volume control so students can adjust the volume to their desired listening level.

The Systems listed below are a few of the solutions currently being used in Elementary, Junior High and High Schools as well as Personal Systems for College and University Students. Studies have shown that student learn easier and more when they can clearly hear the teacher or professor. Global Equipment Network, Inc. has several systems available for use within the classroom and can even design a system for a classroom with specific requirements.

Ideal Applications Include:
  • CSE Meetings (Children's Special Education)
  • IEP Round Tables (Individual Education program)
  • PTA Meetings (Parent/Teacher Association)
  • Parent - Teacher Conferences
  • Field Trip/Class Excursions
  • Classroom Amplification
  • Assistive Listening in Classrooms & Auditoriums
  • Band Direction

And Many More!